About Lilian (Siew Lee) 


Since birth, Lilian (also known as her spiritual name, GuanYin 观音) has either personally experienced or observed great human suffering, be it poverty, abuse, discrimination, illness, injustice. Much of which she endured during her formative years, with major depressive illness and obesity episodes in her adult years. Over the same period of time, Lilian has constantly asked herself the question, “why she and her loved ones experienced such suffering?” These “challenges” that Lilian has faced during her life did not drag her down. In fact, from Lilian’s point of view, the difficult life experiences were a necessary step, as part of her karma, to constantly challenge and train her to be whom she needs to be in order to connect with Yoga at the right time and place in her life.

Karma has decided for Lilian that the right place for her to connect with Yoga is actually here in the United States. Prior to her arrival in the US, Lilian has lived in multiple cities and experienced a broad spectrum of cultures and life experiences across the countries of Malaysia, New Zealand and France throughout various stages of her life.

Lilian received her message that the time was right to start her journey in Yoga in Nov 2011. Within a short period of time of practicing Yoga, she realized Yoga was the right path for her and that she had found the purpose of her life. With this realization, Lilian forged ahead to complete both 200 and 500 Hours Yoga teacher training courses with her guru, Ranjitha at Yoga Sutra for Life. Besides yoga, she also received her certification in the Reiki Master level. 

Lilian's international living and traveling experiences, in addition to her multilingual skills, in 5 languages & dialects, have helped shape Lilian's view of the world and its people. Lilian's strong background in electrical and electronic engineering has enabled herself to approach her own learning and teaching of students in yoga in a more systematic and scientific way.

As an instructor previously running Yoga Sutra for Life Teacher Training Courses, Lilian's goal in teaching is to not only help teacher trainees acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for further exploring and deepening their individual Yoga practice, but also to help the teacher trainees to move beyond just the asana (postures) level, and become effective yoga teachers who are enabled to help more people in their yoga journeys.

When it comes to teaching yoga to the general public, Lilian’s classes are conducted based on her strong belief that that there should be no judgment, no discrimination, no ego, no pressure and no competition. As such, her classes flow in a manner that enables each yoga practitioner to freely express his or her inner spirit in the most authentic and truthful way, thus bringing out the beautiful divine light within each practitioner through mindful asana practice in which the body and the breath are connected together in a harmonious working relationship.

From Lilian’s perspective, Yoga is for everyone and consequently should be available for everyone to practice. Lilian has made a vow to commit herself in advocating and propagating the benefits of practicing Yoga (physical, mental and spiritual) to as many people as possible, regardless of their social status, ethnicity, religious belief, cultural background, age and gender.